The Full Metal Panic! fanlisting was launched on February 11, 2006.

In the series, Mithril plays an integral part of the story, having the mission of protecting the Whispered and bringing our two heroes, Sousuke and Kaname, together. Sousuke is a part of the Western Pacific fleet, headed by Captain Tessa, and I've always admired the hi-tech and professional atmosphere of the organization, and its role as a fighter for justice, so I named this fanlisting after them.

Version 1 Come Make My Day features Sousuke and Kaname from the cover of the 4th compilation of short stories. The theme is inspired from the title of the 9th novel, Tsudou, Make My Day. I wanted the effect of our heroes going towards the light, pausing only to look back as if to ask, Are you ready for this mission? The "brushes" on the layout are actually the blueprints of the multi-billion dollar submarine, the Tuatha de Danaan, the pride of Mithril's West Pacific Fleet.